1 week in Stockholm

Gamla Stan
1 week in Stockholm

What a chance to spend a whole week in the beautiful, multi-faceted capital of Sweden. Archipelago made up of 14 islands, each has its own atmosphere and style, ideal when you like to vary your pleasures. Follow us through a perfect itinerary so you don't miss anything during 1 week in Stockholm.

Opening photo: Sina Ettmer Adobestock

Day 1: find your way among all the districts of the city

It's not always easy to find your way around when you arrive in Stockholm, which is why we suggest you start the visit by discovering the essential neighborhoods that you can do on foot, by bike, by boat or by kayak (Yes Yes !). The tourist bus is a good alternative to hear the history of the city at the same time.

  • Norrmalm, a dynamic and central district where the main station is located which represents the heart of the city.
  • Södermann, a chic and trendy island with the young and dynamic So Fo district.
  • Kungsholmen is pleasant to visit with its calm atmosphere and its pretty waterside promenade.
  • Djurgarden is a green setting with many green spaces where you can picnic and relax.
  • Gamla Stan constitutes Stockholm's Old Town, a small, iconic island with colorful facades from the 17th and 18th centuries.
  • Vasastaden presents the typical architecture of the city, a peaceful and family residential area with very good addresses for the taste buds.
  • Östermalm is an elegant and lively neighborhood with many restaurants, bars and cafes.
  • Skeppsholmen is a small island that we could almost forget, nestled between Gamla Stan and Djurgarden which offers very pretty views .

Yes, that’s a lot of neighborhoods to visit! Plan between 1 to two days so as not to miss any of the cobbled streets and typical buildings of Stockholm.

Gamla Stan
Gamla Stan

Day 2: Shopping and relaxing in city parks

Vintage boutiques, shopping centers or well-known brands , there is everything you need in Stockholm to change your wardrobe.

  • Gamla Stan is full of small artisanal and independent shops , ideal if you want to avoid tourist traps.
  • Norrmalm city is the ready-to-wear district! Meet on Drottninggatan street with its diverse and varied styles between major brands and specialized shops.
  • In Östermalm , load up your wallet to rob Nordiska Kompaniet, the Swedish Lafayettes galleries with big fashion brands.
  • Södermalm is the king of vintage with the So Fo district where original creators defend the retro style
  • The shopping centers are also attractive: the Mood, the Gallerian in Norrmalm or the Sturegallerian with its all-glass roof.
Shopping in Stockholm Photo © Alex | AdobeStock

Is the shopping session over? It's time to relax in one of the capital's many parks.

  • Take a break at Gamla Stan Public Gardens, Riksplan Park or Jünotappan Garden. Between wooded areas for picnics and children's play areas, these are the perfect places to relax.
  • In the Norrmalm district, Berzelii Park, Kungsträdgården Park and the Nora Bantorget garden welcome you to a pleasant and sometimes lively corner of greenery.
  • Right in the city center of Östermalm, elegant gardens offer you a little rest. Sit on the lawn of Humlegärden or Gustaf Adolfsparken.
  • The island of Djurgarden is made up of several natural spaces for a quiet moment at the Royal Urban National Park or the Rosendal Garden.
  • The Vitabergsparken or Tantolunden Park in Södermalm are perfect for escaping into nature.
  • In Kungsholmen, pretty green spaces are pleasant to explore, such as the Ralambshov Park for children or the Fredhällsparken.

Find all the capital's gardens for a well-deserved break in a herbaceous area.

kungstradgarden, a park in Stockholm

Day 3: Discover the museums of Stockholm’s neighborhoods

For this 3rd day, we are interested in art and culture through different museums. Most often open all year round, they sometimes offer guided tours. Immerse yourself in the life of Stockholmers.

  • The ABBA museum on the island of Djurgarden is a must even if you're not a fan. From costumes to press clippings, the entire life of the group is reconstructed. 100% interactive, you can sing and dance in this unique and atypical place.
  • In the same neighborhood, visit the VASA museum where the ship is almost completely reconstructed. Collections and models tell the story of this 17th century warship.
  • The National Museum on the Blasieholmen peninsula, preserves Sweden's most important art gallery. Rembrandt, Goya, Zurbaran and even Manet, observe magnificent works in a museum with free entry.
  • The Nobel Museum in Stockholm traces the history of laureates since Alfred Nobel. Discover the origin of this price and its evolution until today at Gamla Stan.
  • THE Nordic Museum in Djurgarden is a gold mine for learning more about life in Nordic villages in the 17th century.
  • The Museum of Photography features incredible collections from renowned artists like Martin Schoeller, Annie Leibovitz and David Drebin. Take a trip to Södermalm.

There are of course many other museums to discover in Stockholm, it's up to you to choose from the list we offer you.

The Abba Museum

Day 4: Visit the outskirts of Stockholm

Do you want to escape from the central districts of Stockholm? Perfect, follow us to the outskirts of the city for a day off the beaten track.

  • Drottningholm Castle on the island of Lovön was the residence of the royal family since its construction in 1579. It is the best preserved castle in Sweden that can be visited. The exterior is also magnificent with its baroque garden and its English garden.
  • The Artipelag art museum located in Varmdo is worth a visit. Many exhibitions are organized there in a unique setting made of bay windows, giving the impression of a museum surrounded by nature.
  • Uppsala, called the Cambridge of Sweden, is a charming city to visit with a young and dynamic atmosphere thanks to the universities.
  • Nackareservatet, the Nacka reserve, is a 100% natural place for hiking lovers. With 29 routes, you have something to marvel at when you arrive at Lake Dammtorpssjön or Lake Källtorpssjön.
  • Tyresta National Park, 20 minutes from Stockholm, is a natural gem not to be missed, spread over 5,000 hectares. Rocky plateaus, lakes, ponds and pine forests, the landscapes are sublime and the hikes breathtaking in an idyllic and natural setting.
  • The pine cemetery on the island of Lidingö surprises with its harmony between vegetation and architecture. Designed by two architects, it offers an unusual but pleasant walk between multi-ethnic tombs.
Stockholm boat

Day 5: Escape to the other islands of the archipelago

We set sail after a few days in the center of Stockholm to visit the other equally pretty islands nearby. Accessible by ferry, bus, boat or kayak, they promise beautiful excursions along the water.

  • Vaxholm offers a postcard setting with its wooden houses  sandy beaches and pine forests . Take the tour on foot in 4 hours before taking a break at the shops and restaurants.
  • Värmdö is the pride of locals with the Gustausberg Porcelain Factory, now expanded into a cultural complex with a museum, artisan shop and café.
  • Grinda is a true haven of peace where it is good to swim. Sandy beaches and rocky coves, it's the perfect place to escape.
  • Sandhamn is famous for the famous TV series “Sandhamn Murders”, a peaceful and charming island with its little red houses and wild beaches.
  • Utö is an unspoilt island, popular for its lovely hikes, bike rides and kayak tours around the beaches and rocks.
  • Ingmarsö is adorable, made up of small lakes that are pleasant to go around on foot or by bike. Shops are accessible as well as charming restaurants.
  • Nämdö is a 100% natural island, perfect for camping and getting away from it all in complete tranquility. Take the opportunity to visit the small church, the lighthouse and the 17th century Östanvik farm.
  • Rögrund is part of the Nämdö nature reserve, welcoming its visitors in a youth hostel. You can't miss it, a concrete crocodile is watching your arrival.
Stockholm archipelago photo: adobestock folio

Day 6: Enjoy Stockholm activities

The day will not be long enough to try all the new experiences that we offer you. It's up to you to choose based on your interests and sometimes, your courage!

  • THE Gröna Lund amusement park in Djurgården is a concentration of thrills with rides up to 34 meters high that plunge at 90 km/h. Hang in there!
  • The sauna is a tradition to try without shivering (or almost) in Sweden, starting with a sauna at 70°C before descending calmly into ice-cold water. In Stockholm, go to “Tanto Bastun” or Bastun Hellasgarden for this unusual experience.
  • We stay cool on the frozen lakes perfect for skating. Drevviken, Magelungen and Långsjön are famous spots for having fun sliding in the great outdoors in Stockholm.

It's up to you to choose the unusual activity to do in winter

  • In summer, take advantage of the warm weather to kayak between the islands of the archipelago. Alone or accompanied, it is the ideal activity for a picnic in small isolated coves.
  • The more adventurous can take part in a wild safari by minibus to observe forest animals up close. Elk, beavers, wolves, lynx or deer, keep your eyes peeled.
  • Segway is another fun and sporty way to visit Stockholm. Rent your two wheels and explore the city on your handlebars.
  • Travel by metro when you can, more than a means of transport, it is a real work of art entirely decorated by contemporary artists.
  • To finish, we suggest you enjoy the fika. More than a coffee break, it is a real moment of sharing and conviviality often accompanied by a kanelbull, a cinnamon brioche cake.

What a journey! For sure you now know how to speak Swedish after a week traveling around Stockholm . You couldn't do everything? So much the better, it will be a good opportunity to come back.

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