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Stockholm Archipelago
20 Must-Do Experience ...

Sweden, neighboring Finland, is a Scandinavian country where it is good to live and go on vacation. Surrounded by the Baltic Sea and Lake Mälar, its capital, Stockholm, offers sumptuous landscapes and numerous activities to discover during your stay. Don't miss Stockholm's 20 must-see experiences.

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Stockholm, unmissable sports and leisure experiences

In Stockholm, we love to have fun and be entertained, whatever the time of year. What better way to visit a city than to combine pleasure and activity? Let's go for the essentials:

  • Explore the city on a segway or electric scooter, a fun and enjoyable way to discover Stockholm on two wheels without missing important monuments such as the Nobel Museum, the Royal Palace or the Vasa Museum.

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  • Go on a speedboat excursion to visit the city's waterfront at high speed, splashed by the spray of the Baltic Sea before joining the waterways of Stockholm's largest archipelago.
    And why not take a boat tour of Stockholm in winter ?
  • Hop on a bike for a ride in the heart of Sweden's capital, which offers 760 km of cycle paths passable by electric or wooden bikes for rent on site.
  • Take to the skies during the summer in Stockholm by flying over the capital in a hot air balloon. Admire the islands, the city and its buildings from a new perspective as you float happily above the capital.
  • Skating in the parks of Stockholm in winter among the gardens and the city, a magical setting in a most natural setting.

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Electric scooters
The Nobel Museum

Stockholm, unusual activities to discover

The Nordic countries have some great surprises in store and Stockholm, capital of Sweden, is no exception with its unusual activities:

  • Relax in a typical Swedish wooden sauna, before immersing yourself in an ice bath, one of the activities offered in the great outdoors near a frozen lake.
  • Fly suspended in a secure environment with a wingsuit. In Stockholm, Indoor Wingsuit offers you the chance to float in the void, like a safe parachute jump.
  • Splash in an underground swimming pool hidden in the cellar of a 17th century building, a favorite spot in the touristy part of Stockholm.
  • Visit Stockholm from the rooftops, a unique and unique way to discover the city equipped with helmet, harness and carabiner.
    And have a drink high up on one of the city’s rooftops !
  • Sleep on the water aboard a hotel boat on the Baltic Sea, sailboats converted to offer an unmissable experience for tourists.
Stockholm at night, gamla stan

Stockholm, cultural outings not to be missed

Stockholm is a lively and dynamic city, interesting to visit and discover. Rich in history, it offers many opportunities to immerse yourself in Swedish culture :

  • Go to a Swedish filming location and follow in the footsteps of the heroes as in the Millennium saga written by Stieg Larsson.
  • Take a photo class at Fotografiska, a museum of contemporary photographs in a large industrial building.
  • Take a lantern -lit ghost tour to discover the narrow streets and hidden courtyards of Stockholm, hearing tales of murder myths and illnesses.
  • Learn where Stockholm syndrome was born, resulting from the attachment of a hostage to his captor in 1973.
  • Discover the largest representation of the solar system in Stockholm with the Ericsson globe in the south of the city.
The Fotografiska Museum

Stockholm, a tourist city with unmissable experiences

The capital of Sweden is full of diverse and varied activities so that everyone can find their way during a stay in Stockholm.

  • Dine facing the sunset or have a drink on a rooftop terrace to appreciate the beauty of the city illuminated by the fading rays.
  • Take a fika break, a true Swedish tradition which allows you to treat yourself to a well-deserved break with a good coffee accompanied by sweet treats, most often coated with cinnamon.
  • Spend a day on a wildlife safari surrounded by wild animals in Stockholm.
  • Enjoy a moment of adrenaline at the Gröna Lund amusement park on thrilling rides, or listen to more than 40 impressive concerts.
  • Have fun at one of the many festivals organized in Stockholm, especially in summer for an atmospheric evening.

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Sunset Stockholm
Fika break
Grona Lund

Sweden is the Nordic country where to spend your vacation to relax and have fun with multiple activities and no less than 20 unmissable experiences to enjoy in Stockholm.

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