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Uppsala is an attractive metropolis located in the north of Stockholm County, just 70 kilometers from the capital. It is easily reached in 40 minutes by train, moreover it is only 17 minutes from the airport. Nicknamed the "Cambridge of Sweden", it is a city where it is good to live and walk, with many facets. The origins of Uppsala, is now the 4th city in Sweden, dating back to the Viking era. In 1164, Gamla Uppsala (the old Uppsala) is a living village, but it will be abandoned in favor of a new group, built not far, east of the river Fyrisån, which therefore still separates the modern city today. from its old center. Like many cities in Sweden, Uppsala has been remodeled many times because the mostly wooden dwellings have suffered devastating fires.

If your stay in Stockholm allows you a day trip outside the capital, visiting Uppsala is a great idea. The structure of the city is relatively compact, allowing you to explore it on foot or by bike. Alternating between an old center, a modern district conducive to shopping, many places to eat, parks, gardens and diverse museums, Uppsala is a little paradise. If at the beginning, it was a trading post taking advantage of its location at the outlet of the Fyrisån river, Uppsala quickly became a center of political and religious influence. Uppsala Cathedral is quite simply the largest in Scandinavia, it is a religious mecca and the seat of the Archdiocese of Sweden. Let us not forget that in the country, the churches are state and that the King is therefore the head of the church.

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What to see in Uppsala?

Uppsala University

Uppsala University

While visiting Uppsala, if you are past school age, you will regret not having come there for your studies! Uppsala is one of the largest university centers in Sweden, but also one of the oldest. The faculty is prosperous, pleasant, because the buildings are dotted with parks and gardens. Built in 1477, it now has more than 40,000 students, it is a renowned University which, in the past but still today, welcomes eminent specialists (the most famous being Carl Von Linné): the Swedish university model is famous. We also know how to party, students at Uppsala are organized into “nations”, student associations that punctuate school life and allow the integration of many foreign students on campus.

The University of Uppsala is one of the 3 largest places of world research, on the theme of natural sciences and this is also what has allowed Uppsala to be a city famous for its engineering in the industrial sector, pharmaceutical and medical. As for tourism, do not hesitate to go for a walk in the University's parks. To learn more about the history of the University, a visit to Gustavianum, the original medieval episcopal palace which hosted the University from 1620 to 1887 is a must! We see, among other things, a strange cabinet of curiosities, archaeological collections, scientific objects...

Who was Carl Von Linné? He's one of the most famous Swedes! You think you do not know him, but he is the father of taxonomy, it is to him that we owe most of the Latin names given to plants and living beings. Born in 1707, he is a traveler, passionate about the natural sciences, curious and cultivated. He was professor of botany at the University.

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Uppsala Castle (Uppsala Slott)

Uppsala Castle

It's a museum, which hosts art exhibitions, but it used to be a fortress! It was King Gustave Vasa who had it built in 1559. Over the centuries, it was transformed into a castle which today takes on a slightly more Renaissance style. It is also the residence of the County Governor. The Castle is installed on a hillock, or hill, it culminates above the city and from this post in height, one enjoys a pretty view, in particular on the cathedral.

The Botanical Garden or Linnaeus Garden

Botanical Garden

It is located at the foot of the castle, not far from the Cathedral and contains varieties of plants from all over the world. Botany buffs will enjoy visiting the greenhouses, the orangery and its cactus canopy and if you are wondering why everything is well organized, tidy and named it is because it was the garden of Carl Von Linné, which adjoins moreover a museum dedicated to his life and his work. 1600 species of plants are organized in 44 flowerbeds.

Uppsala Cathedral (Uppsala Domkyrka)

Uppsala Cathedral

You will admire it from afar, with its 2 towers of 118 meters. Built in 1270, it houses the burials of 3 kings of Sweden. The interior decor is lavish and borrows all the beauty of Scandinavian architecture, mixed with Gothic from a master builder… Parisian! Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and the tranquility provided by this place.

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Other riches to discover in Uppsala and around

North of Gamla Uppsala, the Disagården open-air museum is perfect for immersing yourself in the past. Come and visit this agricultural village with its farms, animals and activities, it is a joyful place, perfect for the whole family.

Viking archaeological site

To the north of the city, there is a Viking archaeological site, a necropolis on the foundations of the first outline of the city. The burial mounds of Uppsala. You can get there by bus from the center (it's 6km from the old town). There is a museum and information boards that tell about local legends. City dwellers come here to spend the day in the green and play Disc Golf, a popular game in Sweden halfway between Frisbee and golf.

Finally, on the gastronomic side, don't forget to taste the local specialty: pancakes with jam, with whipped cream!