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It is impossible to visit Stockholm without exploring Södermalm,Söder ” for the locals. This urban island has experienced a real renaissance and is today one of the city's must-see neighborhoods. Having become the trendy heart of the capital, this district is in reality a former working-class suburb as can still be seen from the old small red wooden houses (the “kakar”) that can be seen in the streets of Nytorgsgatan, Stigbergsgatan or Mäster Mikaels Gata. From now on, it is the trendy district where students, young artists, hipsters, designers and creators meet. Composed of several parts, Mosebake, Mariatorget, SoFo or even Hornstull, Södermalm can be explored on foot, taking the time to stroll through the streets, linger in its independent shops or sip a coffee on the terrace while observing the sea local life.

Stigbergsgatan  Stigbergsgatan
Mäster Mikaels Gata  Mäster Mikaels Gata

For international tourists, the Fotografiska Museum is the flagship attraction of the Södermalm district. We visit Södermalm to go shopping, admire the architecture, take full advantage of the urban parks and its neighborhood life. Here are the places not to be missed when traveling around Södermalm!

Fotografiska museum  Fotografiska museum

The Sofo district (south of Folkungagatan)

Vintage  Vintage
Sofo district

Renamed in reference to the famous districts of Soho in London and New York, the eastern part of the island invites you to stroll that awakens the senses and the mind! Developed in the 1990s and offering affordable rents for the middle class, this small town within the city quickly attracted artisans, designers and hipsters of all kinds wishing to open their own stores. Today in this bohemian paradise, thrift stores and vintage shops rub shoulders with those of contemporary design! A stop is essential in one of the original cafes in the area to enjoy this atmosphere.

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The Vita Bergen district

Vita Bergen district
Vita Bergen district  Vita Bergen district
Vita Bergen district  Vita Bergen district

Located south of Södermalm, Vita Bergen (the White Mountain), commonly known as Vitabergsparken, oscillates between an industrial past and a modern present. It was once one of the poorest and most unhealthy districts of Stockholm, reserved for industry and workers' housing, as evidenced by some old industrial buildings visible in Malmgårdsvägen Street today rehabilitated into apartments. The district was transformed at the beginning of the 20th century but many vestiges of its history remain, allowing visitors to go back in time to 1900. The slightly raised relief of the Vitabergsparken park built on a hill makes it an excellent viewpoint on Södermalm on a clear day. Built in 1897, this park offered factory workers a place of relaxation and bucolic stroll.


Bergsprängagränd  Bergsprängagränd

In addition to the Church of Saint Sofia erected in 1904, the park still has many typical 19th century buildings, including the old red wooden houses in a row with very cute sloping gardens. Bergsprängagränd is one of the surprisingly well-preserved streets of this former disadvantaged district. A real throwback to the beginning of the last century! Take the opportunity to do some shopping in the charming boutiques.

Sofia kyrka  Sofia kyrka

The City Museum of Stockholm - Stockholm City Museum

City Museum of Stockholm  City Museum of Stockholm
City Museum of Stockholm

Housed within the walls of the old town hall, built in 1685, the Stockholm City Museum offers a series of exhibitions that retrace the history and urban development of the city since the Middle Ages. On the first floor of this sublime building you will find the permanent exhibitions on the evolution of the city, from the small medieval port town to the multicultural metropolis of today with many models, sculptures and antique objects on display. The second floor is dedicated to temporary exhibitions. On the third floor, a classroom takes visitors back to the beginning of the last century!



Venture along this 500-meter-long walking path to admire the magnificent view of Lake Mälaren, Stockholm City Hall and Riddarholmen. Look for Bastugatan near the nursery school and take the wooden staircase to admire the panoramic landscapes. Perfectly photogenic, this place bordered by charming houses reveals beautiful landscapes, particularly at sunrise and sunset. You can continue over the rocks and take the path that leads to Soder Malarstrand below.


Fjällgatan  Fjällgatan

Located high on the edge of a cliff, this historic part offers a breathtaking view of the city. The residences around Fjällgatan, Stigbergsgatan, Mäster Mikaels Gata, Fiskargatan and Södra Teatern are lined with well-preserved wooden buildings dating from the 1700s. Fjällgatan's Kaffestuga Café is a great place to eat.


Boulebar Tanto

Located near Tantolunden in Södermalm, the Boulebar Tanto becomes in fine weather the unmissable meeting place for pétanque enthusiasts to indulge in tournaments over a drink, in a warm atmosphere. It is served by the Hornstull metro stop.

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Pärlans Konfektyr

This artisanal caramel factory and its charming boutique literally transports customers to a musical from the 1950s: the setting, but also the saleswomen dressed as period candy sellers are busy producing caramels made in the most pure tradition, with sugar, butter and cream. When it comes to flavors, you are spoiled for choice: classic caramels, salty, vanilla, chocolate, honey, liquorice, cinnamon, lemon… The choice is yours!



Tantolunden is a large park located near Årstaviken, close to the restaurants and cafes of Hornstull, Mariatorget and SoFo. All generations come together for a picnic, a little swim but also to practice sports activities: beach volleyball, mini-golf, Frisbee and many others. While strolling on the hill, you will see more than a hundred allotments and small huts where Stockholmers come to relax and grow their vegetables!


Västbron, the bridge between Södermalm and Kungsholmen spans Langholmen, a small haven of peace for swimmers, sportsmen, epicureans and sunbathers! in this tiny island reigns like an air of vacation by the sea. Beloved by the locals, it is an ideal place to enjoy the greenery, the beaches, the small coves, the vast expanses of grass and the water crystalline.

  • Address: Nytorgsgatan 38

    The bars and nightclubs of Götgatan and the Medborgarplatsen

    Gotgatan  Gotgatan

    Stockholm is also famous for its nightlife and evening entertainment. The island of Södermalm is one of the most attractive spots to get together and party, especially on weekends. The atmosphere is friendly and attracts both locals afterwork and tourists who come to spend an evening with friends!

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