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Östermalm is an upscale district with many facets: residential, popular with its many bars, restaurants and nightclubs around Stureplan, but also shopping with Bibliotekstan which is full of Scandinavian and international brands. For gourmets and lovers of fresh produce, a visit to the covered market hall Östermalmshallen is a must. Pleasure for the eyes and taste buds guaranteed! A true invitation to stroll, the banks along Strandvägen offer a total change of scenery with its tall ships and moored yachts. Overview of this district with a relaxed atmosphere and typical architecture!

Strandvägen  Strandvägen
Strandvägen  Strandvägen

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Armémuseet - The Army Museum

Dedicated to Swedish military history from the 1500s to the present day, this museum presents on 3 floors a collection of artillery and authentic objects through temporary and permanent exhibitions. With an educational museography focused on emotion, we discover the realities of war through realistic and dramatic scenes, notably inspired by the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648) and the life of the heavily affected population. Spoils of war but also flags and banners are exhibited in La Chambre des trophées. A room is dedicated to Raoul Wallenberg, this Swedish diplomat stationed in Budapest during World War II who saved tens of thousands of Jewish families. Enjoy a tour at your own pace equipped with audio guide (in English) or follow a guided tour (in English) in the summer. To eat, Artilleriet, the museum restaurant located next door, is worth a detour.

  • Address: Riddarggatan 13

Historiska Museet - The Swedish History Museum

Historiska Museet
Historiska Museet  Historiska Museet
Historiska Museet

This museum is a real showcase for exploring the history and treasures of Sweden from the Bronze Age to the present day through unique collections grouped into 5 major themes: prehistory, the Vikings, medieval art, textiles and gold. The galleries on the ground floor exhibit a series of cut stones and tools used in prehistoric times. A section devoted to the Vikings reveals many discoveries from archaeological excavations: jewelry, tools, weapons, models of longships. A trip into the past to discover this mythical people is offered through the reconstruction of a village where daily life was centered around agriculture, trade and looting! The basement contains one of the most valuable collections of gold and silver objects in Europe. Upstairs, you will be transported to the Middle Ages, to discover the role of monks and abbeys, the ravages of the black plague epidemic, battles etc... In the last part of the museum, Gothic religious art is in the spotlight with superb period pieces! History buffs can spend hours there. Restaurant and souvenir shop are available on site.

  • Address: Narvavägen 13-17

Östermalms Saluhall

Östermalms Saluhall
Östermalms Saluhall  Östermalms Saluhall

A true temple of Swedish gastronomy, the Östermalms Saluhall markets date back to 1888 and offer Stockholmers and tourists from here and elsewhere a digest of the best food products in the country. It is a friendly place where you can enjoy shopping but also eat local specialties in a chic and historic setting. You will find 18 exceptional traders, renowned family businesses that have been present in the halls from generation to generation.

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Kungliga Dramatiska Theater - the royal drama theater

Kungliga Dramatiska Theater  Kungliga Dramatiska Theater

Originally, King Gustav III created the Royal Dramatic Theater in 1788. Demolished in 1907, the sublime Art Nouveau monument that you see today was rebuilt by Fredrick Lilljekvist in 1908 with a Dolomite marble facade adorned with sculptures and gilded columns. The theater has 5 different stages on which are represented nearly 1000 shows per year.

The eastern district of Östermalm, Ladugardsgärdet

Other interesting museums are concentrated in the district of Ladugardsgärdet to the east and can be discovered after a short walk along Strandvägen for about twenty minutes.

Scenkonstmuseet - Swedish Performing Arts Museum

A museum space entirely dedicated to the performing arts, theater, dance and music. In addition to offering a glimpse into the history of the performing arts, interactive exhibits invite visitors to be part of the experience. Take a seat in a virtual dance troupe, try on theatrical masks or create your own piece of music! A detour through the Swedish Music Hall of Fame will introduce you to famous Swedish artists, highlighting the importance of music in their culture!

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Etnografiska museet - The ethnographic museum in Stockholm

With remarkable collections and a superb modern museography, this scientific museum resembling a cabinet of curiosities brings together nearly 220,000 items linked to the ethnography or cultural anthropology of peoples from all over the world. Many objects were reported shipments of major Swedish ethnologists and explorers of the 18th century. Parts of the museum are dedicated to African tribes and Native Americans but also to the beautiful patches of Asia by the Swedish explorer Sven Hedin in the early 20th century. Fascinating stories illustrated by unique pieces! To quench your thirst at the end of the visit, the Japanese tea room outside the museum offers a Zen setting while the restaurant at the Matmekka museum offers tasty dishes and cuisine rich in influences from around the world.