The islands to visit in the Stockholm archipelago

The islands to visit  ...

With its 14 islands, its many islets and its rocks, Stockholm is a popular tourist destination for lovers of natural escape. Between the Baltic Sea and Lake Mälaren, many inhabited islands are to be discovered all around Stockholm, with magnificent and varied landscapes. Explore the islands to visit in the Stockholm archipelago.

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Stockholm, islands where you can practice activities

The islands are more or less large and remote from Stockholm, but accessible by boat or sailboat. Once there, you will have the freedom to visit them as you wish:

  • The island of Grinda is lined with rocky coves and sandy beaches , covered with forests to walk around. This peaceful haven of peace offers serenity in which to recharge your batteries with a café, a small shop and a hotel.
  • The island of Ingmarso is home to 150 inhabitants on an area of 6 hectares. Its many lakes and hiking trails allow you to escape for a day, before enjoying the store and restaurant on site. The more athletic will enjoy kayaking or cycling on this little Swedish gem.
  • Namdo Island is one of the largest in the Stockholm archipelago. With its walking circuits, it is ideal for savoring the tranquility of an island or enjoying a traditional sauna, before camping for a night in the calm of nature.
  • Rögrund Island is part of the Namdo Nature Reserve. You can explore it by kayak and go in search of the concrete crocodile that is the curiosity of this destination.

You have enough to do for a few kilometers on foot, by bike or by kayak around these Swedish islands not to be missed.

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Stockholm, tourist islands with varied riches

If you prefer to walk, admire the landscape, stroll by the sea and discover Swedish heritage, these islands of the Stockholm archipelago are made for you:

  • The island of Vaxhom, 1 hour by boat from Stockholm, has a pine forest, small bridges and wooden houses with cobbled streets and fortress-museums that make it the capital of the archipelago.
  • The island of Varmdo is the most cultural with its complex dedicated to ceramics between its museum, its factory shop, its craftsmen and its cafes. It has been famous since 1825 for the Gustavsberg porcelain factory.
  • The island of Sandhamn was known thanks to the filming of the TV series “Murder in Sandhman”, contrasted by the red houses and the wild beaches.
  • The island of Utö, which means "outer island", attracts summer with its crystal clear waters and the warm sun that warms the beaches, while in winter, tourists enjoy the atypical Christmas market on a Swedish island.

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Follow our advice to organize your discovery of Stockholm and its archipelago! We have an article on good tips for visiting Stockholm by scooter , but also to know everything about the Fika break and the good places to try it . It is a cultural city so do not miss the visit of the best Museums of Stockholm.

You will agree, the choice will be complicated between its many attractive islands with wild and natural landscapes. Plan one or more boat trips to discover the Stockholm archipelago and the typical islands to visit! Before you go, do some useful reading to get in the mood with the best Swedish whodunits.

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