Unusual activities to do in winter in Stockholm

Unusual activities to ...

Stockholm is a Nordic city, very exotic for its visitors. Visiting Stockholm in winter is a perfect opportunity to soak up Scandinavian culture. The temperatures in Stockholm in winter are never a barrier to visits, even with the family! The city is organized so that living and visiting the Stockholm archipelago in winter remains a pleasure. Whether you are athletic, art and design lover, gourmet or just curious, you will be surprised by this astonishing city, which has more than one asset to seduce you, especially in winter when the cold takes hold and the days are drastically shortened.

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Introductory photo: Sodermalm in winter
© Jon Flobrant Unsplash

stockholm-in-winter-marcus - unsplash
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Visit Stockholm by boat, even in winter

The city of Stockholm is made up of an archipelago of 14 islands. The first activity that we offer you is to take a boat trip to appreciate all the facets of this archipelago. Here you can take an excursion on the Royal Canal or a cruise in the Baltic Sea, to tour the islands. In winter, ice is invited on the water and this gives an extraordinary atmosphere to your visit. Most cruise ships sail in the winter, as long as the ice is not too heavy.

To experience an even more unusual cruise, you will have to go to Båtskärsnäs, in northern Sweden. You will board a real icebreaker ship. The visit takes you through all levels of the boat, from the engine room to the deck. Then you will experience a magical moment: walking on the ice, before putting on a survival suit and immersing yourself in the icy waters of the Gulf of Bothnia.

Skeppsholmen - fredrik-ohlander - unsplash

Skeppsholmen pontoon © Fredrik Ohlander Unsplash

Ice skating in winter in Stockholm

During the winter, several parks in Stockholm house an outdoor skating rink. It is very exotic and unusual to skate in the city or in the middle of a garden. The most emblematic is in the park of Kungsträ dgarden. Surrounded by old buildings, the setting of the ice rink is truly magnificent. The Vasaparken also houses a winter ice rink. It is a garden, bordered by trees, which offers a more natural setting. You can also skate in the Östermalm district or at the indoor ice rink at Childhoodhallen.

Stockholm-winter-fredrik-ohlander - unsplash

The lakes that turn into a playground © Fredrik Ohlander Unsplash

Take a Fika break!

The "Fika " is quite simply the verlan of Kaffe (coffee). But behind this term, there is a real Swedish tradition… It is about a morning break or to taste it, with a good coffee of course, usually served with some typical sweets, in particular cinnamon rolls. It's nice to warm up after an activity outside, during winter in Stockholm. Discover our article which gives you an overview of the best cafes to enjoy a Fika break in Stockholm!

Read our article on gastronomy in Stockholm, to discover the typical dishes to eat during your stay.

The kanellbullar
Kanellbullars for a successful Fika break

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Discover Swedish design in Stockholm

Sweden is THE land of design. Even if in France, we mainly know IKEA, there are many other influences and trends that we can draw inspiration from to decorate our interior. To start your initiation into sweating design, we recommend that you visit the museum of architecture and design, ArkDes. It is in the same building as the Moderna Museet. You will therefore be able to understand modern art, contemporary architecture, design and interior decoration, in the same space.

Once you're in the mood, it's time to test your knowledge in the field. And why not go find some interesting pieces? Go to Strandvägen avenue and its trendy boutiques, the streets of Götgatan or Mariatorget for its big brands, and the SoFo district for its vintage atmosphere. Among the most famous addresses, do not miss the Design Stockholm House or the Design Torget…

Norrmalm in Winter --jason-briscoe - unsplash

Norrmalm District in Winter © Jason Briscoe Unsplash

Have a sauna in and around Stockholm

The Swedish sauna is a must-do! Traditionally, you "steam " in a wooden sauna, before plunging into an ice bath. Outside the city, you will live this authentic experience in the middle of nature, near a frozen lake, especially in Hellasgarden on the shores of Lake Kalltorpssj ön. If you aren't ready for this kind of adventure, don't worry, there are plenty of wellness areas in the city of Stockholm to pamper you.

Stockholm-winter pexels-esrageziyor-

© Esrageziyor Pexels

A spooky guided tour of Stockholm by night

To spend an unusual evening, nothing better than to be scared! We offer you a disturbing guided tour, full of strong emotions. A guide leads you through the narrow alleys and darkest corners of the city, on a ghost hunt. You will discover Stockholm under a little-known facet, while listening to its legends and its terrifying stories.

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Sleep in unusual accommodation in Stockholm

To end on a high note, we give you some ideas to make your night in Stockholm truly unforgettable. The city is popular and rents are high. In fact, the smallest space is optimized. It was therefore necessary to redouble creativity to welcome the many tourists, while charming them with quality accommodation. If you are ready to think outside the box, you will find something for all budgets. So, you can try to sleep in an old wooden ship, in a 747 plane, a young girl's school or a prison...

Check out our section on unusual Stockholm accommodation.

Stockholm-winter-andreas-forsberg - unsplash
© Andreas Forsberg Unsplash

We hope to have inspired you with some unusual ideas to liven up your winter stay in Stockholm and to have made you want to face the polar cold to visit this " Venice of ice ".

© Axel Antas Berg Unsplash

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