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Discover Stockholm and its archipelago

In the immensity of the Baltic Sea, the battle between land and water since the dawn of time has given birth to the largest archipelago in Sweden: the Stockholm archipelago, a veritable maritime labyrinth punctuated by 24,000 islands with infinite shapes. Spread over 14 islands where Lake Mälaren meets the Baltic Sea, the Swedish capital subtly blends a city center that is both modern and historic, where nature is omnipresent... Nicknamed the Venice of the North, Stockholm exudes a true sweetness of life on a daily basis. to live. You will understand it quite quickly: taking your time will be the key word of your stay. The Stockholmer is never in a hurry, he is always inclined to a coffee break accompanied by a sweetness that he calls fika. A simplicity in the way of taking life, a good spirit: Stockholm is a resolutely epicurean city.


Stockholm by district

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An unparalleled cultural trip!

With a fascinating maritime past, Stockholm has always looked to the sea! It's easy to imagine the ships of yesteryear moored as you stroll along the riverbanks and understand the crucial role Sweden has played in Baltic trade since the Viking Age. Here, the port is embedded in the city and the monuments have their feet in the water! This dynamic village-like metropolis is a concentrate of history and a leading artistic center, as evidenced by more than 80 museums scattered across the city, the best known such as Fotografiska, Nobel Prize Museum, Moderna Museet, Nordiska Museet, Skansen, ABBA Museum, National Museum or even the Vasa Museum with the most unusual like the Spiritmuseum, the Viking Museum, the Post Museum or the Ostasiatiska Museet. But Stockholm is not just about its museums.


A gastronomic capital that combines tradition and innovation

Stockholm's culinary scene is a delight for the taste buds and is modest and healthy. The chefs revisit the great classics of Swedish cuisine without violating traditions. Impossible to miss the meatballs, fried herring, tasty marinated salmon or delicious Swedish pastries. The talented cooks spice up this gastronomic scene by redefining fusion, by integrating flavors from the world: they make Stockholm an unexpected hotspot for avant-garde cuisine. And if the most unique Nordic dishes such as arctic char or reindeer with wild berries are popular culinary specialties, vegetarian cuisine is also well and truly anchored in culture. Stockholm can be proud of its list of vegetarian and vegan restaurants!


The famous Swedish salmon (gravelax), reserved for the local market and not exported!

vegetarian cuisine

Vegetarian cuisine is very popular in Stockholm!

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The freedom to explore from island to island

Water is the common thread of a stay in Stockholm. Here you are surrounded by water and discovering the city inevitably means crisscrossing between islands and admiring the stunning panoramic views from island to island. These islands are linked by 57 bridges that you will enjoy crossing on foot, by bike or by electric scooter. Indeed, the Swedes demonstrate a certain talent for combining progress and respect for the environment. With the title of European capital of ecology, the public transport system (metro, train, tram and boat) is one of the most efficient and efficient in the world. A freedom of movement that you will inevitably appreciate if your time on site is limited!

nature Omnipresent nature

Nature puts on a show

While visiting Stockholm, you will probably experience one of the most fascinating aspects of Swedish law: the right of free access to nature (Allemansrätten). Whether it is for walking, swimming, sailing or camping in nature, all of Stockholm's natural treasures are accessible to everyone, provided of course that they respect safety measures and do not disturb others. You can explore the parks, forests, the coast, the islands of the archipelago in complete tranquility while walking freely.


It feels like far from everything. And yet this little house is located in the heart of a city of 976,000 inhabitants

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Unique experiences to live

Colorful, lively and lively, rich in a superb architectural heritage linked to its maritime past, the city of Stockholm will transport you! In this metropolis to which we are passionately attached, it is advisable to stroll from district to district with a wandering mood: the historic Gamla Stan, the trendy Södermalm, Östermalm and its maritime facade, Norrmalm the shopping paradise, Kungsholmen for a breath of fresh air, the royal island of Djurgården between nature and culture... Through this guide we will try to give you another look at the Swedish capital to prepare your trip! But once there, you will undoubtedly succumb to its charm and will certainly catch the real “Stockholm syndrome”… that of the desire to come back again and again to explore this breathtaking city!