Stockholm's must-see parks and gardens

Stockholm's must-see  ...

Stockholm is a green city, where you can easily get some fresh air, play sports or practice various outdoor activities. You will find parks and gardens in all areas of the city. Some are natural bubbles on the outskirts of the city. Others are more landscaped and offer a magnificent setting for your picnics or breaks during your visit. Most are well equipped, with sports fields, playgrounds or recreation areas. We take an overview of the most beautiful green spaces in and around Stockholm.

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The good idea Check out our section dedicated to Parks and Gardens, with a complete list to explore the nature of the city!

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Gamla Stan Public Gardens

The district of Gamla Stan corresponds to the old medieval city of Stockholm. It is a rather urbanized area and quite dense in constructions. Nevertheless, you will find some gardens there. Located in the middle of old buildings, they are very structured with beautiful paths and lawns, lined with trees. These are landscaped areas that form a very pleasant setting for a picnic on the grass, in the middle of town. Here are the public gardens of Gamla Stan at your disposal:

  • Riksplan Park adjoins the Museum of Medieval Stockholm.
  • The garden of Riddarhuset Palace has an interesting historical character.
  • The Jünotappan garden has a nice playground for children.

Photo credit © Mistervlad | Adobe Stock

    Photo credit © Mistervlad | Adobe Stock

    In the Norrmalm district

    North of Gamla Stan, in the commercial district of Norrmalm City, you can take a restful break and fill up on greenery, in the middle of your shopping spree, in the following gardens:

    • Berzelii Park has a very classic structure: perfectly manicured lawns surround a large statue, interspersed with pretty tree-lined paths, with benches to relax.
    • Kungsträdgården Park is very lively. It hosts events and activities of all kinds. An ice rink is set up there in winter.
    • The Nora Bantorget garden is located at the western end of the district, not far from the banks of Klara Sjö. It is a charming little garden, very artistic.


      In the district of Östermalm

      Right in the city center, the chic district of Östermalm is an important place of culture in Stockholm. You will find museums, restaurants and high-end shops, but also elegant gardens:

      • The Humlegärden is a large green space between the Norrmalm district and the Östermalm district. Large aisles allow you to practice jogging or running. It is well equipped with a playground, a skateboard ramp... It also houses the library.
      • The Gustaf Adolfsparken is a very wooded and quiet park, which revolves around a small church. It is an amazing place in the heart of the city.
      • The Nobel Parken is a wooded area, at the edge of the water. It is at the end of the main Strandvägen street which runs along the harbour. It is home to small coves and beaches, which offer a beautiful view of the pier and pleasure boats.


        The island of Djurgården

        To the east of the city, a large forest area extends from the residential district of Gardët to Alberget. It includes the island of Djurgården, which also bears his name. It is made up of several natural spaces:

        • The Royal Urban National Park is a magnificent park, very wooded. It feels very far from the urban city of Stockholm and yet it is very easy to access and very close to the city center. You can go for long walks, hikes, bike rides...
        • The Garden of Rosendal is a very exotic garden, with a rural atmosphere. It is made up of orchards, vegetable gardens and meadows, all in bloom in spring. It is criss-crossed by charming paths.
        • The Frisens Park is a hill, at the southern end of the island. You will appreciate the incessant ballet of ferries and boats.

        Rosendal Garden

          Sodermalm Island

          Södermalm Island is a large island in Stockholm, home to several neighborhoods. The heart of the island is quite urbanized but it is surrounded by parks. So you can quickly get some fresh air in the heart of nature, without straying from trendy neighborhoods.

          • The Vitabergsparken, in SoFo, overlooks the city. It's the perfect place for a picnic with a view of Stockholm.
          • Tantolunden Park is best known for its sports fields and leisure areas.
          • The Högalid Park is located to the east of the island. It surrounds a small church and has a playground.

          Tantolunden Park

            Kungsholmen Island

            Kungsholmen Island is one of the larger islands of Stockholm. It forms a district of the city and is home to several neighborhoods. It is a rather family and residential place, with beautiful green spaces.

            • Rambshov Park is a space for recreation, with sports fields, playgrounds and large paths that cross beautiful lawns.
            • The Fredhällsparken is a long park with shaded paths, ideal for joggers.
            • The Kronobergsparken is a park very popular with families for its playgrounds and areas accessible to dogs.


              Längholmen Island

              Between the island of Södermalm and the island of Kungsholmen, the Vasterbrön bridge takes you through the island of Längholmen. It is a green and very preserved place. The island consists essentially of a beautiful park: Längholmsparken. This is its main attraction and it allows you to take a pleasant walk before reaching the large island of Kungsholmen.

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              Outlying areas north of Stockholm

              To the north of the city, two residential neighborhoods border the city. In Vasastan, the Vasa Park is famous for its observatory, its lawns suitable for picnics in summer and its ice rink in winter. There is also the Karlbergs Slottspark. This is the historical park of Karlberg Palace. Facing the castle extends the wood, which is lined with sports and leisure facilities.

              In Solna, the Haga Park is located on the shores of Lake Brunnsviken, very pleasant and refreshing in summer.

              Vasa Park

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              We hope that we have made you want to explore the parks and gardens of Stockholm and we wish you pleasant walks during your next stay in the Swedish capital.

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