The unmissable things to see in Södermalm

The unmissable things ...

You are in one of the famous districts of central Stockholm, Södermalm. Young and dynamic, it surprises and amazes with its colorful artistic side where several cultures mix. Between trendy bars, modern restaurants and hipster thrift stores, there are some unmissable things not to miss in Södermalm.

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The Top 10 things to do in Södermalm

  1. Visit the So Fo district
  2. Book the Millenium Tour
  3. Visit the neighborhood museums
  4. Shopping in Södermalm
  5. Join the unmissable viewpoints in Södermalm
  6. Stroll through the parks of Södermalm
  7. Discover Swedish gastronomy
  8. Explore the Hornstull market
  9. Discover the historic buildings of Södermalm
  10. Cycling through the streets of Södermalm

Visit the So Fo district

Söder om Folkungagatan or “ south of Folkunga Street ”, this is the upscale district of Södermalm which attracts many tourists every year with its offbeat side. Now modernized, So Fo offers a bohemian atmosphere where the streets are lined with thrift stores, art galleries and second-hand boutiques. Let yourself be carried away by the creativity of this unique neighborhood in Stockholm.

So Fo Vintage Boutique

Book the Millenium Tour

Are you a fan of the Millennium series ? You will love traveling through Södermalm in the footsteps of the trilogy. Go in search of Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander 's apartment, their offices and the places where they usually live during a 2-hour guided tour. A must when devouring Stieg Larsson's novels, the Millenium Tour is reserved for Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Visit the neighborhood museums

Discover Södermalm differently through cultural and atypical museums.

  • The Stockholm City Museum is free and open all year round to learn about the city's history, from the Middle Ages to today. Immerse yourself in Stockholm's past in a magnificent 17th century palace.
  • The Photography Museum ( Fotografiska ) offers a unique experience to photography lovers and the curious. Discover an exciting universe through exhibitions, workshops and guided tours, the works are the work of internationally renowned photographers. The tour ends with a café on the top floor, where the view is breathtaking over the Baltic Sea.

Shopping in Södermalm

Temple of vintage and bohemian style, you will have no trouble finding retro objects in trendy boutiques or independent brands. Head to So Fo for an urban fashion makeover or head to Götgatan for a designer decor. The Mariatorget district is also full of small shops and art galleries, ideal for a shopping session mixed with a lively visit to the streets of Södermalm. Don't hesitate to stop for a coffee in a trendy bar.

Join the unmissable viewpoints in Södermalm

There are several places from where you can enjoy a privileged view of Stockholm and the Baltic Sea, but in Södermalm we definitely want to take you to the heights.

  • The Katarina elevator takes you 38 meters high, offering a sublime view of Stockholm's old town. Once there, you can have a drink, lunch or dinner facing this pretty panorama.
  • The Sky View which leads to the Ericsson Globe is a unique observatory where small glass spheres make you slide on rails 130 meters higher. Remember to take your cameras, the photos are magnificent.
Sodermalm in winter photo: jon-flobrant-unsplash

Stroll through the parks of Södermalm

Picnic outdoors or get some fresh air in a green space, there are several reasons to escape to a park in the heart of the city.

  • Skinnarviksberget is a park at the highest point in Stockholm, ideal for family time with its playground and beer garden. Open your eyes wide, the view is incredible over the old town.
  • THE Tantolunden park is the place to be at any time of the year. Sledding in winter and swimming in summer, the days are lively and very varied in this large wooded park.
  • THE Ivar Los Park is unusual, imagined on the theme of the countryside and farm animals. Activities and play areas, children love to have fun there.
tantolunden, a pretty park

Discover Swedish gastronomy

Södermalm is the meeting of trendy cafés and modern restaurants where you absolutely must stop to taste the specialties. Meatball, Swedish schnitzel, elk or herring, immerse yourself in northern culture , most often accompanied by potatoes. Throughout the day, don't hesitate for a fika, a coffee break renowned and widespread in Stockholm for its conviviality, a real moment of sharing enjoying a cinnamon brioche cake.

Swedish gastronomy

Explore the Hornstull market

Located on the banks on weekends, it is a very popular market with a lovely view. Local sellers, second-hand dealers and artisans set out their stands for a moment of conviviality, punctuated by games and music. Food trucks offer sweet and savory snacks for all-day fun in this lively meeting place. Hunting, strolling, enjoying, these are the main activities of the Hornstull market.

Discover the historic buildings of Södermalm

Take advantage of being in Södermalm to admire the beautiful historic buildings of the district, a pleasant cultural stroll in the open air.

  • St. Catherine's Church is the most beautiful in Stockholm, built in the 17th century in a Baroque style. Despite several fires which damaged it over the years, it was rebuilt and still retains its Greek cross-shaped plan.
  • The Sainte-Sophie church is magnificent with its red sandstone and pink granite which give it an atypical pastel color. Outside, you can see a 78 meter high spire while the interior preserves a monumental fresco.
  • The Mary Magdalene Church, built at the end of the 16th century, was destroyed by fire and then renovated, today offering different styles between rococo and neoclassical.
  • The Thor fountain, in Mariatorget square, represents the Scandinavian god Thor confronting the sea serpent Jörmungandr. Explore the alleys, there are other statues to observe.
Saint Catherine Church

Cycling through the streets of Södermalm

With 700 km of cycle paths, Södermalm is ideal for cycling between trendy neighborhoods and busy streets. By rental or guided tour, choose the option you prefer to travel around the city, perched on your two wheels. No need to take transport even if buses and the metro run in Södermalm, everything can be done on foot… or by bike!

The journey is over, it’s your turn to play! Don't miss anything in Södermalm with all the ideas of the unmissable things to see in this offbeat district.

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