Swedish thrillers to read before your visit to Stockholm

Swedish thrillers to  ...

Swedish literature is famous for its thrillers. So this is a good opportunity to discover, from an unusual angle, the streets of Stockholm or the most isolated corners of Sweden. We offer you a guide of captivating, disturbing or frightening readings for a Scandinavian immersion, while waiting for your next trip.

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Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy

Let's start with a world famous trilogy: Millenium by Stieg Larson. The success, alas posthumous, of this Swedish writer no longer needs to be demonstrated. Its television and then film adaptation revealed it to a very large audience. The novels relate the investigations of Mikaël Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander, through the streets of Stockholm, on the island of Södermalm. As a journalist, the author was inspired by real events, which brings a lot of realism to his style. The suspense is omnipresent. There are many controversies concerning the novels, because the author was very politically involved. This trilogy is one of the essentials to prepare your stay in Stockholm. Once there, you can take a "Millennium tour" (fr). During this tour, you walk around the island of Södermalm, to discover the emblematic places of the books. You will be immersed in the heart of the action! Died of a heart attack, the author was unable to continue his trilogy. Its publishing house has yet decided to offer it a sequel, written by David Lagercrantz, who continued the plot by adding 3 volumes, bringing the complete Millenium series to 6. Over 100 million copies have been sold, will you be the next reader?

Novels by Stieg Larson

Camilla Läckberg, the queen of the Scandinavian thriller

Follow the couple Erica Falck and the commissioner Patrik Hedström, in police investigations as frigid as the environment in which they take place ... It is in 2005 that the author meets a world success, after the publication of her third novel. Murders, secrets and characters as real as life, since inspired by the life of the author, this is the recipe for her success. If much of the intrigue takes place around the small fishing port of Fjällbacka, on the west coast opposite Stockholm, his latest novel "The assassins live on 31 " takes place in the capital. Camilla Läckberg is the most widely read Swedish author in the world, translated in more than 30 countries, some of her books have been adapted into films.

Novels by Camilla Lackberg

Viveca Sten, the lawyer turned full-time author

Viveca Sten discovered a passion for writing, writing law books. Lawyer and legal manager for large companies, she escapes in the course of her words to write an entire novel, published in 2008, "The Queen of the Baltic" which takes place on the island of Sandhamn, in the Baltic Sea just east of Stockholm. Inspector Thomas Andreasson and lawyer Nora Linde are the main protagonists of her detective novels, she has also written fantastic novels. Having started her career recently, she is however the author of more than a dozen books. A prolific feather to follow...

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Novels by Viveca Sten

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Camilla Grebe's latest thriller series

If Camilla Grebe is a famous writer of crime fiction in Sweden, only her last series of novels has been fully translated into French. It is a huge hit in France and his works have been awarded "Best polar sweated have." Composed of 4 titles: " A cry under the ice ", " The diary of my disappearance ", " The shadow of the whale " and " The archipelago of the lärmes ", this series is based on three main characters: Peter, Hanne and Malin. Exciting and very easy to read surveys, full of twists and false leads, will liven up your evenings. In its last section, you discover Stockholm through time, from 1944 to the present day...

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Novels by Camilla Grebe

Åsa Larsson's Rebecka Martinson series

Åsa Larsson invites you to the heart of the polar ice, on the borders of Sweden, in Kiruna. An environment that she knows well since she was born there. Her old profession has also inspired her a lot. Indeed, her heroine is a lawyer from Stockholm, as she was, before devoting herself to writing. The descriptions of places and characters are very precise and detailed, which gives a lot of realism to his novels. It is a series of five books: " Boreal Horror ", " The Spilled Blood ", " The Black Trail ", " As long as your anger lasts " and " In sacrifice to Moloch ". The common thread is based on the surveys of Rebecka Martinson. This continuity is greatly appreciated by its readers. Once you dive into its universe, it is very difficult to get out!

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Romands by Asa Larsson

Emelie Schepp, the rising star of Swedish thriller...

A new star in the firmament of women authors of Nordic thrillers. His first trilogy began with the novel “Marqués à Vie”, which sold over 200,000 copies shortly after its release. She was consecrated by the famous Gotland thriller festival " Author of the year " in 2016, 2017 and 2018! Follow the moving and surprising heroine Jana Berzelius in cases holding the reader in suspense with the right amount of suspense, violence and psychological torment. His novels are primarily set in Norrkoping, a former industrial town south of Stockholm.

Novels by Emelie Schepp

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We just have to wish you good evenings of reading, by the fireside or under the duvet.

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