Visit Stockholm by electric scooter

Visit Stockholm by el ...

The city of Stockholm has relied on soft mobility to reduce accidents and the impact of road traffic on the environment. It is even described as “European champion” in this area and many countries are inspired by its practices. Stockholm's cycle network is therefore particularly well organised. To change the bike, we offer you a new mode of transport, fun and very practical... Let's go for an unusual visit of Stockholm by electric scooter!

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Where to find electric scooters in Stockholm?

Stockholm has an innovative and well-structured electric scooter rental service: Voi. You can also find Lime, Bird, Bolt or Link scooters, several services are available, in all colors! To become a "rider", nothing could be simpler! It all starts by downloading the Voi app to your smartphone. All you have to do is let yourself be guided...

Stockholm by scooter

You wonder how to find your first scooter at the beginning of your stay. As soon as you register, you are geolocated and the application shows you the spots closest to your position to pick up your scooter. On your route, you are tracked and you are offered secure stopping points. Then, at the end of your day, you will have access to preferred parking lots, to earn points and therefore discounts on your next trips.

At the price level, there are monthly subscriptions for long stays, 24-hour passes or minute rates for occasional riders. You can select your price choice directly on the application and pay online.

Are you new to riding? No problem, first test your knowledge at the Voi driving school. Once you have mastered the theory, get started with the "beginner" mode. Once activated, your scooter is automatically restricted to prevent you from going too fast. You can therefore learn to “ride” in complete safety. It's up to you to end it when you feel comfortable enough to fully exploit your car!

The good idea Read our article which gives you good tips for visiting Stockholm in 3 days! What to fully enjoy your stay in complete relaxation.

Stockholm by scooter  Stockholm by scooter

Get around Stockholm on an electric scooter

Stockholm's network of cycle paths is very impressive. It represents 750 km of tracks that allow you to criss-cross the entire city. Most of them have been installed outside the roads reserved for motor vehicles, to avoid cohabitation between motorists and cyclists. This considerably reduces incivility and the risk of accidents. You will therefore only come across very few cars. Of course, it may happen that certain accesses meet, but these intersections or these joint spaces are very well signposted and the junction is made with maximum safety. Here are the main routes accessible to electric scooters:

  • For shopping, you can easily stroll around on a scooter in the districts of Norrmalm City, Östermalm and Vasastan.
  • You can also ride along the harbor of Strandvägen on a tree-lined cycle path, to take a lunch break in one of the restaurants by the water.
  • Then by extending the route towards the east of the city, you will reach the natural spaces: the Nobelparken Park, the Rosendals Garden or the Djurgården Park.
  • If you prefer the charm of the old town, you will also find cycle routes in Gamla Stan.
  • On the other side of the city, to the west, there is Rålambshov Park in Kungsholmen and its leisure and sports area.

Stockholm by scooter  Stockholm by scooter

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    Tourist circuits to visit Stockholm by electric scooter

    The easiest way is to take inspiration from the routes to visit Stockholm by bike. Most are accessible to electric scooters. If in doubt, consult the Voi community on the blog or app. Among the many possible tourist circuits, here is our selection:

    • A tour of the old town of Gamla Stan, including the Royal Palace and the Town Hall.
    • A walk in "SoFo", to appreciate its bohemian atmosphere and admire its architecture, where modern art and old buildings mingle.
    • A nature walk to the east of the city in the Royal Urban National Park and the gardens that border it.

    Stockholm by scooter  Stockholm by scooter

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      We hope to have made you want to test the electric scooter and make an unusual visit to Stockholm.

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