Responsible tourism in Stockholm

Responsible tourism i ...

Stockholm is a distant destination compared to France and air transport is not among the most sustainable modes of transport. If you want to be a responsible tourist, you will have to compete with imagination to offset your carbon footprint. Fortunately Stockholm has been called the greenest city in the world and we will help you find alternative accommodation, eco-friendly establishments and activities without impact on the environment.

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Alternative accommodation or accommodation with an eco-label

In terms of vacation rentals, there are several options available to you. Either you choose an establishment with an eco-label, to ensure that they respect an ecological approach. Either you prefer to try an alternative and unusual accommodation.

Move in "gentle mobility" mode

The principle of soft mobility is to find alternatives to polluting transport such as the car! In order to reduce your carbon footprint, we have found ecological travel solutions to visit Stockholm in an ecological way :

  • For your travels in the city center, there is nothing more effective than walking. It's eco-friendly, free and sporty so good for your health! In addition, you will have the opportunity to find good addresses and beautiful surprises are probably waiting for you around the corner...

    Learn more? Find out more: Visit Stockholm on foot and see our Top 10 of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Swedish capital.

    • To go a little further or a little faster, use the bike! However, if you want something more unusual, you could also try the electric scooter.

      The good idea The good idea: Visit Stockholm on an electric scooter.

      • If you are with the family or you are not sporty, there is always the metro. The one in Stockholm is very special and will not fail to surprise you.

        Learn more? Read more: Art in Stockholm's prettiest metro stations.

        Photo credit © AdobeStock / Jenifoto

        Photo credit © AdobeStock / Jenifoto

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        Visit the Hammarby Sjöstad eco-district

        Hammarby Sjöstad is Stockholm's greenest neighborhood. Originally these are old docks and during their rehabilitation, eco-construction was given priority. You will discover all kinds of ecological initiatives for saving resources, renewable energies and responsible urban management.

        Photo credit © AdobeStock / Tatyjana

        Photo credit © AdobeStock / Tatyjana

        Typical Swedish nature activities

        The Swedish mindset is very green in nature. In fact, you can easily combine tradition and ecology. Here are some examples of typical activities in Stockholm, unusual and exotic, all with no impact on the environment:

          The good idea The good idea: Read a Swedish thriller to get into the groove.

          Photo credit © Lesley Williamson

          Photo credit © Lesley Williamson

          Good addresses

          Do you want to bring back souvenirs and gifts or simply treat yourself, without forgetting your ecological commitments? In Stockholm, anything is possible! We reveal our best addresses for eco-friendly shopping in Stockholm: Vintage shopping in Sofo, the “trendy” district of Södermalm.

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          You are now ready to be an eco-responsible tourist in Stockholm and we only have to wish you a great Swedish eco-holiday.

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