Visiting Stockholm with the family: what to do with the children?

Visiting Stockholm wi ...

Beautiful city, compared to a star on the northern borders of Europe, come and visit Stockholm with your family! It is an ideal destination to introduce children to Scandinavian culture and develop their openness to the world, make them dream by listening to the history of the Vikings, amaze them in front of the northern lights... We guide you in this surprising city, where the children are kings!

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Discover Scandinavian culture through its museums

Museums allow you to immerse yourself in the culture of a country. They show you the life of yesteryear, the skills and trades of yesteryear. They tell you about the legends and customs of a people. In Stockholm, museums go to great lengths to appeal to young audiences. However, some are more suitable than others, due to the chosen theme or scenography.

  • The " Medeltidsmuseet " offers you a view of Stockholm in the Middle Ages. The visit is very fun for children because there are many reconstructions of places, with wax figures in costumes and many everyday objects ... It is a beautiful immersion in the past of the city.
  • The " Vasa Museet " is an atypical museum built around a warship of the 17th century. Its activities are very oriented towards the youngest and every day, an adapted film is shown to make them appreciate the history and the Swedish maritime heritage.
  • The " Skansen " is a living, open-air museum. You enter a real village of the 19th century restored. Inside, old shops, workshops to see the know-how of yesteryear, an educational farm to meet typical domestic animals of northern Europe ... The children will love it and you will come back with your arms loaded with traditional products. and memories!

Vasa Museum  Vasa Museum
The Vasa Museet
Skansen  Skansen
The Skansen

    Have you walked a lot, are you tired? Come take a Fika break with the children! Taste the traditional pastries that you enjoy over a cup of tea or coffee, it's invigorating. Read our article on the best cafes for a Fika break in Stockholm.

    Tourist sites to have fun and experience with the family

    There are several tourist sites very popular with children and therefore parents who accompany them. Some Stockholm museums combine knowledge and games, others allow them to try out new experiences or activities. There are also specifically family-friendly tourist sites. Here are our good places to play, laugh and discover together:

    • The " Stockholm Toy Museet " Is a museum of games and toys. All kinds of games are presented there, from the oldest to the most interactive. It is a paradise for children of all ages and parents will find their child's soul there!
    • The " TechniskaMuseet " is a rather experimental area. It is a large space where children and adolescents can experiment, learn and do scientific experiments.
    • The " Junibacken " takes you on a discovery of Swedish literature. Sometimes you literally walk into places and scenes from famous books, sometimes you see theater scenes inspired by these tales and stories. It is an unusual way to make them meet these famous fictional characters.

    Child in Ostermalm

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      Family activities in summer or winter

      During the summer, Stockholm has no shortage of activities, some of which you cannot imagine in a northern city. How about taking a bath in the Baltic Sea? Right in the center of Stockholm, there are beautiful beaches, sand, rocks, or lawns... where you can let your toddlers make pies and wade in the Baltic. Make up your mind quickly and early, they are taken by storm and places are expensive!

      More classic but so exotic, the parks and gardens of Stokholm are very beautiful, spacious and well equipped. In particular, the Rålambshov Park is a park dedicated to recreation, with play areas, sports grounds and large alleys for running, cycling or scootering. You will also have very pleasant picnics on its large lawns. Whether in the heart of the city or outside, each of these parks is a natural bubble, with an atmosphere of its own.

      In winter, do not miss a boat trip, or even an icebreaker to show them the power of these floating devices. This city which is nicknamed " the star of the north " also offers you a dazzling spectacle: the northern lights. Yes, yes, you can see it in Stockholm, it depends on the weather conditions, and it will always be in winter.

      Tantolunden Parken

      Stockholm offers many other unusual activities in winter , to consult in our article on this subject (fr). Also read our article on the parks and gardens of Stockholm, to know these islands of greenery and to know where to put your tablecloth for the picnic!

      Sites adapted for adolescents

      Adolescents are a demanding audience. To interest them, make them dream and distract them, we offer you a small adapted selection.

      • The “ Viking Museum immerses you in the world of the Vikings. At the start of the route, you walk through an exhibition of Viking objects. Then, it's a little train that takes you through spaces and reconstructed scenes of life.
      • The Royal Armory is an authentic museum, but above all it will appeal to an informed public. You will see unique pieces, from the greatest battles in Sweden, still bloodstained or torn. They tell you a legendary story, with its heroes, but also its deaths on the field of honor. This is enough to impress your teenagers!
      • The “Stockholm Spelmuseum” is The museum for video game enthusiasts, which will connect all generations. You will be able to take back the controllers of the first consoles and share mythical games sessions with your teenagers.
      • If you are a thrill seeker, enjoy having fun with the family, the right idea to appeal to all ages is the Gröna Lund , a traditional amusement park, on the island of Djurgården. Here you will find many rides, from the haunted house to the roller coaster. Entrance is free for the youngest.


      Read our article report on a visit to the Viking Museum! Often considered as the savage and barbarian hordes that have swept over Europe from Scandinavia, this stigmatized people and this great and relatively unknown civilization fascinate and intrigue the world over. We now know that these peerless sailors wanted to enrich themselves through trade or piracy by leaving Scandinavia and exploring the maritime routes.

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        Here is our selection of family tourist sites in Stockholm which comes to an end. It is not exhaustive and you will discover many other activities to satisfy your curiosity, have fun and cultivate you as a family.

        With the family in Kungsholmen
        With the family in Kungsholmen

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